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The mission for CosmosPool is to provide validator services and information to help further decentralize and bootstrap the Cosmos Hub.

Gaia CLI Helpful Commands has put together a condensed list of Gaia CLI Helpful Commands as a quick resource and contains the following sections: Guides Validator Address


Delegate (Bond) Your ATOMS to

gaiacli tx staking delegate cosmosvaloper1ps7dmygt4wm72t8l9kdjetelhggsv8w77mdh33 <amountToBond>uatom --from <delegatorKeyName>

To delegate a portion of your atoms to CosmosPool's validator, use the command above after replacing the <amountToBond> and <delegatorKeyName> values.

<amountToBond> is in nano ATOMs: 1 ATOM = 1,000,000 nano ATOMS <delegatorKeyName> is the name you gave to your account when you imported from Ledger or created the account

More on How to Delegate Atoms

About Me

  • Active follower of the Cosmos Project and Tendermint protocol since early 2017
  • Cryptocurrency involvement since 2013 - deeply familiar with operating and securing full nodes for variety of blockchain implementations (PoW, PoS, Cryptonote, Masternodes)
  • Enterprise System Administrator with 10+ years experience supporting mission critical applications
  • Feel free to message me at hybridsole on the Bitcointalk forum, reddit, or to verify my identity or for any support related questions


Cosmos is highly experimental software. There are no warranties or guarantees, either explicit or implicit, offered by The use of validator services includes the risk of staked atoms penalized due to server outages, and/or up to a 5% slashing penalty due to malicious behavior such as double voting. All delegators are encouraged to do their own due diligence before staking some, or all of their atoms to any validator service.

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