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delegating Validator Address


How to Delegate (Bond) Your ATOMS to

To delegate a portion of your atoms to CosmosPool's validator, use the command below after replacing the <amountToBond> and <delegatorKeyName> values.

gaiacli tx staking delegate cosmosvaloper1ps7dmygt4wm72t8l9kdjetelhggsv8w77mdh33 <amountToBond>uatom --from <delegatorKeyName>

Note: the <amountToBond> is in nano ATOMs: 1 ATOM = 1,000,000 nano ATOMS. So add six zeros to the end of the number of atoms you would like to bond.

<delegatorKeyName> is the name you gave to your account when you imported from Ledger or created the account, or you can provide your Cosmos account address. To find this out, type gaiacli keys list

To find out how many uatoms are in your account, type gaiacli query account <accountAddress>

Additional Note

In order to broadcast the transaction correctly, depending on the software you may need to specify the --account-number, --sequence, --chain-id cosmoshub-1, and/or --ledger (if using a Ledger nano hardware wallet). The account number and sequence ID can be determined by using the gaiacli query account command used above.

Here's an example of what an actual transaction should look like to be accepted by the network (bonding 3000 atoms in this example):

gaiacli tx staking delegate cosmosvaloper1ps7dmygt4wm72t8l9kdjetelhggsv8w77mdh33 3000000000uatom --from cosmospool --gas 130000 --gas-prices 0.025uatom --sequence 15 --ledger --chain-id cosmoshub-1

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